Level UP+: Leveraging AI with Kendra Corman

Our Level UP series was such a success that we’ve decided to offer 2.0 to the
community! Don’t miss Level UP+, open to both Level UP alum and any women
interested in harnessing the power of AI in your career.

Join us as we welcome Kendra Corman, founder of H2H Consulting, for an
exciting and interactive session that will delve into the world of AI and its
applications in marketing and communications. AI has emerged as a
transformative force, enabling you to save time, enhance precision and foster
innovation. Here’s what we’ll cover:
* Introduction to Leveraging AI
* Kendra’s CREATE Prompt Framework
* Establishing Ethics Around AI
* Things to be Careful of with AI
* Live Demo

**About Kendra Corman**
Kendra Corman, the founder of H2H Consulting, is a marketing maven with a rich
background ranging from managing the Jeep advertising brand to helping one of
the largest insurance wholesalers in the country. With nearly 10 years of
independent consulting, Kendra’s passion lies in assisting small businesses
and nonprofits, creating digital courses, and 1:1 coaching programs that bring
real, actionable information to those in need. Armed with an MBA from Michigan
State University and a lifetime love for learning, she focuses on making
expertise accessible and affordable.
Kendra’s career path reflects her enthusiasm for change, impact, and
innovation. An outgoing introvert with a love for teaching, she leverages her
unique blend of education and experience to empower lean organizations,
helping them harness technology like AI for crafting content and unifying
messages. Join Kendra as she inspires a new way of thinking about marketing
that serves the community and amplifies positive change.

**$36 per person includes dinner, soft drinks, workshop and networking.**
Dietary laws observed.
In addition to the cost of a ticket, we ask that you make a donation to the
Jewish Federation’s 2024 Annual Campaign if you have not already done so. You
can donate (https://www.jewishdetroit.org/donate).

Please register in advance by January 10.

View event on Jlive: https://jlive.app/events/6536