Hear our Voices. Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in the October 7th Hamas Terror Attack

Despite the deafening silence from most of the world to condemn it, the
barbaric use of sexual and gender-based violence against women is part of the
horrible reality that befell Israel on 10/7.

Join us for our next Coffee Press event to take a deeper dive into this topic.
Ayelet Razin Bet Or, past Director at the Authority for Advancement of the
Status of Women will provide an overview of these attacks and the ability of
Israeli systems to react and treat survivors. We will address the
international response of the UN and women’s organizations and the impact of
these declarations on the increase in anti-Semitism around the world. Plus
conclude by looking to the future — including reflections from the women’s
leadership mission, recommended policies and the next step on the way to
recovery and healing.

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Betsy Heuer, Jeff Schlussel and Ron Sollish
Program Chairs

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**About Ayelet Razin Bet Or**
_Ayelet Razin Bet-Or is an Israeli lawyer and the former CEO of the Authority
for the Advancement of the Status of Women. Ayelet served as the legal advisor
and head of policy and public relations for the Association of Assistance
Centers for Victims of Sexual Assault in Israel for five years. Ayelet has
over two decades of experience in the field of law, legislation and public
action for women’s rights and the protection of victims of sexual abuse. Most
recently, she led a woman’s leadership delegation to NY on behalf of World
Zionist Organization and initiated an event at the UN on the war crimes
committed by Hamas against women and children on October 7th. _

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